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Welcome to SKY Astrophotography—home to resources, telescopes, equipment, cameras, mounts, accessories, and more!

To learn about how you can get started with your first astrophotography mission, check out our blog by clicking here.

We recommend the top telescopes based on what your astronomy goals are. We also believe that the sights beheld by every astronomer should easily be sharable with the world.

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Take pictures of celestial planets, nebula, galaxies, and more.

To get started with astrophotography, get a DSLR camera from a top maker, and one of two types of mounts. Learn more about setups here.

Photographing deep sky objects and celestial bodies is very different from taking pictures of the planets or the moon. We always recommend starting with visual astronomy missions to view targets relatively close to earth in your telescope. These include viewing Mars, the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, and countless nebulae and star systems within the Milky Way with a telescope or camera.

The sky is yours.

Once you know how to find and view those objects, you’re ready for the unlimited assortment of deep sky sources of 10+ billion year old light. Such objects include the Sombrero Galaxy, the Rosette Nebula, and Markarian's Eyes in the Virgo cluster. For me, the emotional reward of photographing Andromeda, our closet neighbor galaxy, would make it our first recommended deep sky target.

For deep sky astrophotography, you’ll need a telescope, a camera, and a mount. See for yourself the most splendid natural and ancient structures of light in our cosmos. Check out some further reading about getting started photographing the deep sky, or shop here.

The Orion Nebula by Brian Goff

Our top blog post is “The Best Targets for Astrophotography” where we contemplate and behold the grandeur of the cosmos! While you’re here, you should follow our social media @skyastro for the latest images shared by readers successfully achieving their missions.

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